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2022-2023 Information for Year End & New Years Events

Activities for Learning (for hotel guests only)

We will be holding events for participation for hotel guests only for the purpose of enhancing their stay over the year end and new years holidays. Included in our featured countdown event there will be a QUIZ with prizes, a tradtional Okinawa Eisa dance performance, and fireworks. During this season you will also have an opportunity to participate in our in-house treasure hunt, get in your first swim of the year in our outdoor heated pool, try out the indoor Segway, and do traditional Japanese calligraphy

Date/Time: December 31 (Saturday), 22:00〜24:05

This is a live quiz event that you can participate in from your room using your smart phone. The live MC will be asking questions about things in Okinawa and there are items in your room for tasting and smelling. The entertainer serving as the MC is ARINKURIN who has appeared on many national programs using Okinawan stories. They use humor in presenting the quizzes.
Time: 22:00~23:30

Takashiho Seinenkai Traditional Eisa
This is a youth group who performs very dynamic traditional dances.
Time: 23:35~23:55
Location: Garden Pool ※In case of rain, Banquet Room
Youth Association: Yomitan Takashiho Youth Association

End of Year/New Year Okinawan Soba
Eating soba as you pass from the old year to the new is a Japanese tradition and symbolizes long life. We have prepared hot Okinawan soba which will be served in the open space next to the Garden Pool. You will be able to enjoy the fireworks show while eating soba.
TIme: 23:00〜0:00
Location: Garden Pool ※In case of rain, Buffet & Grill QWACHI
Cost: ¥500

Fireworks will be launched based on the countdown from a location close to the hotel. You will be able to view them from your room or from the Garden Pool area. Since our hotel sits on the side of a hill, the view of the fireworks will be unique. Please welcome in the new year with us!
Time: 0:00〜
A uniquie treasure hunt to enhance your stay available December 30th to January 2nd

"Find the Secret Treasures Sleeping in Yambaru" Treasure Hunt
"Find the Secret Treasures Sleeping in Yambaru" is an experience based puzzle solving educational game. It is about the attractions and challenges of the Yambaru forest. It begins when you meet a boy living in Okinawa who goes on a great adventure in search of a treasure that is hidden in Yambaru. Guests who successfully finish the game will receive an original gift from the hotel.
Date: Beginning December 28th
Time: 9:00〜18:00
*Please limit your "hunting" time to before 21:00.
Location: Inside the hotel
Cost: ¥1,500 per group *One prize per group

Game Details

Garden Pool / Night Pool (heated)
Our heated outdoor pool allows you the pleasure of enjoying an outdoor swim over this holiday season. You can enjoy the night pool experience even after you have finished dinner. A water slide at night even in winter--only at Oriental Hotel Okinawa!

Dates: December 30 & 31
Time: 13:00〜21:00

New Years First Swim (Heated Garden Pool)
After breakfast on New Years Day, you can take your traditional Japanese "First Swim of the Year" in our heated Garden Pool. The waterslide will be open and you can take home memories of an outdoor swim in winter.

Dates: January 1st & 2nd
Time: 10:00〜21:00

Segway Experience
You will learn how to ride a Segway in our large banquet hall. Once you get used to it, you will be able to spin around. And because it is indoors, it will be safe to learn.

Dates: December 30 to January 2
Time: 15:00〜21:00
Location: Banquet Room
Cost: ¥500 for 10 minutes
※Please pay at the venue using cash, credit card or PayPay

Make Your Own Bingata
This Okinawa tradition is a dyeing experience that can be enjoyed even by small children. Make your own bag using Okinawa's colorful dyes!

Dates: December 30 to January 2
Time: 15:00〜22:00 (last reception 21:00)
Cost: ¥2,500〜
Location: Event Space

Star Gazing
You can use a large telescope to look at the moon and a professional teacher will explain the stars in the Okinawan sky. You will see different things than you might see in your own home place.

Dates: December 30th, January 2nd
Time: 19:00〜22:00
Location: Garden Pool

Japanese Calligraphy
You can make your new years resolutions using this traditional Japanese New Year experience. The calligraphy teacher will help you out and give you advice.

Date: January 2nd
Time: 16:00〜19:00
Location: Lobby Floor (in front of Buffet & Grill QWACHI)

Poolside Sauna
You can experience the domestic wooden Barrel Sauna made by ONE SAUNA and the hottest tent sauna made by MORZH next to the Garden Pool.

The all natural wood barrel sauna provides a lovely aroma and a feeling of warmth enhancing the relaxing effect. The tent sauna is said to be the world's hottest tent sauna. It is a state-of-the-art sauna with impressive reviews.

Open every day
Time: 13:00〜21:00 (5 1.5 hour sessions per day)
Cost: ¥3,000 for hotel guests; ¥4,500 for day guests

Sauna Details

Sanshin Performance
The sanshin, a traditional Okinawan instrument, has a unique tone that resonates in your heart, making you feel the beauty of Okinawa. Enjoy the sounds and relax while enjoying your dinner.

Dates: December 31th to January 2nd
TImes & Location: (20 minutes each time)
18:30 Buffet & Grill QWACHI
19:20 Uchina Dining Jinanbou
20:00 Buffet & Grill QWACHI

New Years Day Lion Dance
The Okinawan Lion Dance is a dance of bravery. The body is made of banana fiber which makes it look like a real lion. It will parade around the lobby saying good-bye to those who are leaving. It is a symbol of good luck if you allow the lion to bite your head.

Day: January 1st
Time: 10:00〜11:00
Location: Lobby


Fly Board Show
Enjoy an exciting acrobatic show of lights and music watching this innovative performance on the water.

Day: January 1st
Time: 21:00 / 21:30 (about a 10 minute show)
Location: Garden Pool

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