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"ambiental", Naturalistic Music to integrate with our concept LOVE OKINAWA DISCOVER YAMBARU

We requested Harikuyamaku, a track maker and dub engineer based in Koza Gintengai, Okinawa, to create ambient music for us that embodies our hotel concept LOVE OKINAWA DISCOVER YAMBARU. The composition was released on March 18, 2023, in various locations within the hotel including the Club Lounge and the Night Pool.

The music begins with the sounds of the Yambaru forest when the sun rises and the birds begin to chirp all at once. After that come other sounds of nature like the croaking of a frog from a hidden place within the forest. The entire connection with nature ends with the ambient feeling of standing immersed in the Yambaru forest with a sense of freedom apart from everyday life.

Oriental Hotel Okinawa Resort & Spa is also an exhibition venue for the "Yanbaru Art Festival", and we have exhibited works of art by various artists over the past six years. This year "IJU FLOWER VORTEX, Connecting All Life" will continue to be exhibited in the Club Lounge until February 25, 2024. It is a work created by You Ru Maru and carries the motif of the Iju flower, an endemic species of Okinawa that blooms in the mountains of Yambaru. During this time, you will also be able to enjoy the naturalistic sounds created by Harikuyamaku, "ambiental".
Born in Okinawa in 1989, the artist was familiar with music as a bassist since his teens. He started producing music using computers around 2007. After traveling around Asia and taking pilgrimages to Shikoku, Japan, he returned to Okinawa and in 2013 released "Shima DUB", a remix of old Okinawan songs. Since then, he has produced other various compositions, does live events, and is active as a DJ.
-harikuyamaku - 「島DUB」 「Subtropica」 「Genshikyo」
-銀天団 - 「Gintendan」
-Churashima Navigator - 「Life is a  Treasure」
-angama - 「view」
-CHOUJI feat.ネーネーズ - 「No Woman, No Cry」
-wowowドラマ -「FENCE」劇伴曲