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Buggy Adventure in Nago in the Mud!

About half-way between the hotel and the aquarium, there is a course great for driving buggies in the mud.In addition to well maintained roads, there are also uneven roads where you feel like you are in the forest of Yambaru. As you weave through the gaps in the trees, you will be listening to the guide's explanation about the rare plants growing in Okinawa and the animals that you might pass by. It is a course for both sunny days and rainy days. On rainy days the splashing and the mud make it an even more exciting ride.

<Mud Buggy Adventure Nago>

Meeting place at Yanbaruncha Nago store

Adults (16 and over)  ¥6,500
Junior (ages 11-15)  ¥6,000
Children (ages 4-10)  ¥500
* Children under 3 are not allowed to participate for safety reasons.
* Children must ride together with an adult.

Time: About 60 minutes

Mud Buggy Adventure Nago Reservations

Dokidoki Yambarunture

Meeting Place Yanbaruncha Nago store