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Aqua Adventure Pass! Enjoy Kariyushi Beach activities to your heart's content!

The Aqua Adventure Pass is on sale now and gives you access to marine activities at Kariyushi Beach which is a 3-minute free shuttle ride from the hotel. You can enjoy many different activities such as playing with your family on the Waterland, taking a roller coaster Dragon Boat ride, or looking at coral and sea life through the bottom of a glass-bottom boat. There are discount rates for snorkeling and other available marine activities.

Pass Sales Available: March 4, 2024 to October 31, 2024
Sales Time:9:00‐17:00
Sales Counter: Garden Pool Reception (1F)
* Please note the pass is not available for purchase at Kariyushi Beach and must be bought at the hotel.
Usage Time: Can be used after check-in until 17:00 on day of check-out
Price: ¥3,500

Available for elementary school children and above
To be used at Kariyushi Beach

Items ①~③ can be used one time each
① Waterland (regular price ¥2,750)
     The floating playland has trampolines, slides, seesaws, wall climbing, and jungle walks etc. for the whole family to enjoy.
※The regular price will change to ¥3,300 from July 1, 2024.
② Dragon Boat (regular price ¥2,500)
 A thrilling and very fast roller coaster ride across the surface of the glittering sea.
③ Glass Boat (regular price ¥1,650)
     The bottom of the boat is glass so that you can see the tropical fish and coral down under the ocean.

★When you buy the Aqua Adventure Pass, other Marine Menu items are available at special rates.
・Snorkeling Tour regular ¥5,500 → discount ¥3,300
・Marble regular ¥2,500 → discount ¥1,650
・Ski Biscuit regular ¥2,500 → discount ¥1,650
・Sea Kayak double regular ¥2,200 → discount ¥1,100
・Sea Kayak single regular ¥1,100 → discount ¥550
・Sea Walk regular ¥8,800 → discount ¥7,700
・Beach Umbrella Set regular ¥3,850 → discount ¥2,750
ture Pass. 
Accommodation Plan with Aqua Adventure Pass
■ Accommodation period
March 4, 2024 (Monday) - October 31, 2024 (Thursday)
■ Contents
・Breakfast included
・Aqua adventure pass included
■ Official Website Use Benefits
・Free parking
・Hotel Original Gift

Accommodation Plan Reservations

Kariyushi Beach

Kariyushi Beach is located in front of Oriental Hotel Okinawa Resort & Spa is one of Okinawa's leading resort beaches. The swimming area is shallow and protected from excessive waves so that you can enjoy the gradation from emerald green in the shallows to deeper blues during high tide. There is a free shuttle bus, but it is a nice 7 minute stroll if you would prefer to walk. For inquiries regarding activities, please contact Kariyushi Beach.
Tel: 0980-52-4093 (8:30-17:30)


Kariyushi Beach Activity Details

Check the status and availability of marine activities