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Next Generation Eco-Mobility for Rent!

■ What is Rimo?
Rimo is an electric scooter rental service located in Onna Village, Okinawa. The Electric Kickboard can be used to ride on public roads. It allows you to go farther from the hotel especially along the beach where you can enjoy the view and feel the ocean breezes. It can also be folded up and put in the trunk of your car for you to take with you and ride in other places. Please note that a driver's license is required to operate an Electric Kickboard.You can also use stylish "electrically assisted bicycles" that are only available at Rimo!

■ Rimo Beneftis
<By yourself>it is a very healing activity
<With friends>you can enjoy scenic spots difficult to reach by car
<Couples>make memories with your one true love!
It is fun to ride and can be easily used on slopes.

■ Rental Plans & Fees (Including Insurance & Tax)
〈Hotel Guests Only〉
24H Plan ¥3,980 → ¥2,980
Rimo Okinawa Onna Shop (10:00~19:00)
※Last Reception Time:17:00
※For reservations, please check the details and make reservations directly.
※Please let them know that you are staying at Oriental Hotel Okinawa Resort & Spa.

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Rimo沖縄恩納村本店 電動キックボードレンタル