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Rich CHEESE FONDUE has joined the breakfast menu!

We are offering CHEESE FONDUE, a rich cheese sauce made with a mix of four types of cheese.

Cheese Fondue is a rich cheese sauce that can be comined with vegetable or meat dishes, or it can be added to any of your favorite menu items to create a variety of flavors. Oriental Hotels & Resorts recommends the following for starters: A Thick Beef Burger becomes the Ultimate Cheeseburger; bite-sized hash browns topped with cheese and salsa becaome Nacho-Style Hash Browns. You can also add the cheese fondue to Okinawan favorites such as Taco Rice or Pork Egg Rice Ball. Please use the cheese fondue as you like.

Ultimate Cheeseburger
Cheese Fondue served over a juicy beef burger prepared for you in the open kitched is an irresistible cheeseburger for cheese lovers!

Croissant Dog
Sandwich a sausage in a croissant and top it with cheese sauce.

Limited Local Item
Try out the local favorites with Cheese Fondue topping. The richness is guaranteed to upgrade any menu item.

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