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Experience Coleman's latest gear with our accommodation plan!

We offer the ultimate nature experience of sitting on an air couch overlooking the ocean.

Both an air couch and a lantern, Coleman's latest gear, will be set on the balcony of a corner room overlooking the East China Sea from the top of a lush green hillside. The accommodation plan is for the Club Corner Premium rooms which are located on the top floors of the hotel with spacious area including a relaxing living area, an inner terrace, and a spectacular panoramic view allowing you to connect with your loved ones and with nature at the same time. The new camping gear unique to Coleman is designed to help nurture those connections.
The air couch and lantern are set up on the open-air balcony where you can enjoy the island breeze and the scenery that changes as time goes by. Craft cola made in Nago City and snacks are available in the guest room.

Coleman Air Couch
The portable couch is easily set up with an automatic setting for filling it with air. It is a new 2023 Coleman product that provides a comfortable sitting experience with just the right amount of softness without too much sinking! Comfortable sitting on the balcony creates an even closer-to-nature experience for you to enjoy Okinawa's bbeautiful sea and sky.

Craft Cola
A nostalgic but new product from Nago City, Okinawa is this remake syrup of traditional cola and juice. Lucky Craft Cola, which will be placed in your room, is a blend of carefully selected spices and herbs with citrus fruit from Yambaru. You can add soda water to create a carbonated drink to your preference. Enjoy!

Coleman X Oriental Hotel Okinawa (breakfast included) Details
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