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Barrel Sauna: The first to be introduced in Okinawa

To Our Customers:
We would like to inform you that the use of the Barrel Sauna will be delayed due to maintenance prior to installation. We are very sorry for the inconvenience to those who were looking forward to using it. The Tent Sauna will be available on schedule from November 1st. Information regarding the Barrel Sauna will be posted on our webpage as soon as we can confirm the start date. Thank you for your understanding.

A Deep Relaxation Experience at our Garden Pool

Beginning Tuesday, November 1st, (2022), we are introducing at our Garden Poolside the first Barrel Sauna in Okinawa along with a high-performance Tent Sauna which is said to have the highest temperatures in the world.

While you are enjoying the sauna, you can also take time to swim in the cold water pool or the heated pool. All of this is surrounded by green trees and the ocean breeze giving you a genuine and unique deep relaxation experience at Oriental Hotel Okinawa.

The Barrel Sauna has been created by ONE SAUNA, a company that uses domestic wood only. The wonderful, all natural scent of wood fills the whole barrel. There are large windows facing the ocean so that you can enjoy a wide view of the East China Sea including the sunset if you are there at the right time.

The Tent Sauna, made by a company called MORZH, is said to have high functionality using material safe enough to create the hottest sauna in the world. This steam sauna is highly endorsed by sauna enthusiats.

After relaxing in the sauna, we hope that you will take advantage of enjoying our Autumn Spice themed Dinner Buffet before returning to your spacious room and comfortable bed.

Details for Barrel Sauna & Tent Sauna

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