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A laundry service that relieves travel stress by delivering your laundry to your destination.

Smart Traveler provides a home laundry service from a designated counter at the KBC Shop inside of the hotel.

At the end of your trip, are you tired of having a suitcase full of dirty clothes with no room for souvenirs? It was a fun trip, but when you arrive home, mom is so busy with a pile of laundry and the refreshing feeling from the trip fades away quicky. We should all be able to enjoy our memories and sourvenirs when we get home!

What is Smart Traveler? A laundry service that makes travelers happy.

To use it, just purchase a special pack at the KBC shop at Oriental Hotel Okinawa, leave the laundry at the store, and your clean laundry will arrive at your home in 3 to 4 days. This service, which until now had to be deposited at an airport counter, can be done at our hotel, further reducing packing stress before leaving for the airport. Instead, you can bring home souvenirs in the empty space of your suitcase, get on the plane without worrying about the weight of your suitcase, get home, and enjoy the afterglow of a leisurely trip with your family. Your whole family enjoys this way of smart traveling!
How about a gift for your mom and dad who found the Smart Traveler service at the hotel shop?

Two sizes of bags can be selected according to the amount of laundry and the number of people you want to use the service for.

Home Delivery Plan ~ Recommended for the last day of your stay
From April 26, 2024, cleaning fees will be revised.

Leave the bag at KBC shop before noon, delivered to your home 3-4 days later.
① M size bag: 4.400 yen ➡ 5,500 yen; 1~2 persons (equivalent to about 40 T-shirts)
② L size bag: 6,050 yen➡ 7,150 yen; 3-4 persons (equivalent to about 70 T-shirts)

Committment 1 :
Laundry is washed in water at a proper facility using a certified detergent and dried in high temperature which provides an antibaterial effect and gives a fluffy finish.

Committment 2:
Laundry is carefully hand-folded. We do not provide dry-cleaning services except with a dry-cleaning ticket. Ironing is not provided.

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