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YAMBARU ART Exhibiting at Oriental Hotel Okinawa

This year's theme is "Karei Nugen" (loose translation: the origin of celebration). The aim of the festival is to use art to consistently communicate the appeal of Yambaru to the world. We have exhibited art works at our hotel six times. There is more attention for this area because of the registration of Yambaru as a Natural World Heritage Site. And so we will continue to support the art festival located at the entrance to Yambaru and partner together with various art events.

IJU FLOWER VORTEX, Connecting All Life

The art work IJU FLOWER VORTEX, Connecting All Life, is created by the art unit YouRuMaru and is exhibited as a part of the Yambaru Art Festival 2023-2024. It will be showcased in our lobby atrium from December 1, 2023, to February 25, 2024. This work compares the richness of Yambaru to a whirl of energy, and allows you to see and experience the details from the inside of the vortex. The world is beautiful beyond imagination and it will remind you of various connections.
Concept of the Art Object

Through the gap in the deep greenery
Trees dancing trying to catch the light

From here and there gently shake the ears
Bird whispers and insect voices

Stepping with your feet
Listen to the rhythm of the earth

Together with the wind
White flowers dance into the layers of the sky

This is a place filled with the power of life, Yambaru
YouRuMaru Origami Workshop
A workshop will be held by YouRuMaru, an artist duo whose work IJU FLOWER VORTEX is currently being displayed in the hotel Club Lounge. Using traditional Japanese origami techniques, you will be making a suncatcher. As you participate doing an art project you will discover your own creative expression. The fold lines for the origami are already placed on the paper so anyone can easily make these without making mistakes. And you will be able to take it home with you. A workshop is also being held at the former Ogimi Village Shioya Elementary School which overlooks the Shioya Bay.
※Because the suncatcher can be folded up into a small size, it is easy for you to take in your luggage and won't break.

Date: February 24 (Sat.) and 25 (Sun.) ①13:00-14:30  ②20:00-21:30
Venue: ① Former Shioya Elementary School Ogimi Village; ② Oriental Hotel Okinawa Resort & Spa Club Lounge
Number of people: Up to 15 people each time
Time Require: Approximately 1.5 hours
Target Age: 8 years old and above (children under 8 may participate with a guardian)
Instructions: Please enter information on the reservation form linked below and meet at the venue 10 minutes before start time. You can join at the start of the workshop without a reservation if there is space available.

◆ Origami Suncatcher
Size: About18cm across x depth 7.5cm
Materials: Hologram heat-resistant PP, crystal glass, waterproof seal
Price: 3,300 yen (tax included)


Artist Profile

The art unit Suguru Funaki and Rie Sumi
YouRuMaru is an expression of the concepts "connecting", "flowing", and "relaxing". The artists integrate various methods from different fields. Incorporating Japanese traditions and techniques, they are able to create art that serves as meditation and evokes feelings of relaxation for the mind and body. Their piece called "Origami Lamp Onion" was showcased at the MAISON&OBJECT international interior and design exhibition in Paris and was selected by trendsetters as a "WHAT'S NEW" object.

OKINAWA Selection

Available beginning October 1st, 2023
Venue: Lobby Lounge
Hours: 11:00~23:00

There are seven types of Okinawan drinks, for example, the Yambaru Mojito, which express the strength of Iejima rum, the sweetness of brown sugar, and mint from the Yambaru forest, or the Yumangi (meaning sunset in the Okinawan dialect) made with mango juice and coconut liqueur. You can enjoy a line-up of Okinawa-themed cocktails while you appreciate artwork representing Yambaru.

Yambaru Fish Made from Trash

Oriental Hotel Okinawa Resort & Spa has been a passionate supporter of the Yambaru Art Festival for the past six years. We have collaborated with YAF on projects and continue to showcase art objects at our hotel.

Concept of the Art Object
The artist, Yodogawa Technique, used garbage and drift objects,
He creates objects that cannot be imagined from the original appearance of the garbage,
The appearance of the Yambaru Large Fish is created from the garbage washed up this year
And so this year's work of art is different than last year's.

A large fish born from floating garbage that washed up on the beaches of Yambaru.
It is lit up at night!

Artist Profile

Yodogawa Technique
Hideaki Shibata was born in Okayama Prefecture in 1976. His specialty is using garbage and drift objects to create sculptures that cannot be imagined just from looking at the appearance of the garbage itself. He enjoys interacting with local people where he gathers the garbage and likes to create his work in the same place. He is well-known for his permanent exhibitions Uno's Chinu and Uno's Child Chinu at Uno Port in Okayama Prefecture.

Yambaru Art Festival Details