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Hammock Yoga Resort Style

Hammock Yoga

Hammock yoga is a popular activity that originated in New York. You will experience balancing and stretching in the air using the hammock. If you take a swim after enjoying the session in the morning sun next to the Garden Pool, you will have more energy throughout your day. It is absolutely safe for beginners as the instructor gives careful and encouraging guidance. In Japan it is also known as aerial yoga or anti-gravity yoga!
Note: The yoga instructor can speak enough English so that you can feel safe and have a great experience.

Time                7:30~8:00/8:30~9:00
Venue              Garden Pool
Meeting Place Garden Pool Reception
Time Required   About 30 minutes
Cost                  ¥4,500 per person
Target Age       12 and above
※Ages 6-12 may participate with an adult

Hammock Yoga Reservations