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There are plenty of activities for enjoying the beach and the ocean!

Kariyushi Beach, located in front of Oriental Hotel, is one of the well-known beaches in Okinawa. They have a wide range of rental services for various marine activities as well as rental beach chairs and umbrellas. Walking from the hotel is about 7 minutes, but please feel free to use our beach shuttle service either going or coming back.

Beach Activities

Marine Sports

Anyone can enjoy the dragon boat or sea bisciuts. For a new challenge, try the wakeboarding.
Underwater Options

Also enjoyable for beginners is snorkeling off of a boat using masks, snorkels, and flippers. Sea Walking requires wearing a special helmet for walking on the bottom of the ocean (3 meters down) but is easy even for beginners. Of course, full-scale diving is also possible.


Parasailing is like flying 30 meters up in the sky only you are attached to a parachute and to a boat. Leaving from Kariyushi Beach gives an amazing view of the west coast of Okinawa. Leaving from and returning to a boat means you don't need to get wet and therefore it is an activity that can be enjoyed all year round.
Glass Bottom Boat

The bottom of the boat is a big window and you can look down through it to see the bottom of the ocean, all the coral and the tropical fish that are there. The captain takes you to spots to point out special features of the ocean. You can also buy fish food to feed the fish along the way. For those not ready to get into the water, this is a great way to enjoy and appreciate the underwater world.

Kariyushi Beach Information
・ For reservations, please check website details and call directly.
・ Reservations and payment can be made at the Kariyushi reception desk at the beach. Equipment pick-up is on the beach.
・ You can pick up Oriental Hotel beach towels from the front desk on the Lobby floor.
* If there is a possibility of danger due to sea conditions (jellyfish, reef conditions, high waves, changes in water quality, weather, etc.), there is a warning system. Please be careful regarding your physical condition and swimming ability while you are enjoying the beach and ocean.

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Kariyushi Beach