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Mediterranean Fair Cocktail

Mediterranean Fair Cocktail 2024.04.08 ~ 06.30

Mediterranean Fair Cocktail 2024.04.08 ~ 06.30

A Mediterranean Gourmet Fair will be offered at Buffet & Grill QWACHI April 8 to June 30 with refreshing early summer menu items. During the same time, the Lobby Lounge has created original drinks to go along with the same theme offering Mediterranean Fair Cocktails. We hope you will enjoy these beautiful cocktails reminiscent of the blue water and white clouds of the Mediterranean Sea.


Tomato & Basil Smash ¥1,600

We have recreated Italy's well-known appetizer Caprese as a cocktail. The crisp scent of basil and the sweetness of fresh tomatoes is topped with a fluffy meringue giving it the texture of cheese. Enjoy a new taste sensation.

Italian Frozen Mimosa ¥1,800

Italian blood orange juice is combined with bergamot and elderflower. The refreshing and floral flavor can be enjoyed while it is being created right in front of you.

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