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Discover Yambaru ~ National Park (Mangrove Forest)







This park hosts one of the largest mangrove forests on the main Okinawa island. It is a popular spot for kayaking when the tide is up and the river is easy to navigate. The view of the forest and the Tokeiji River are spectacular.

One of the attractions is that 3 or 4 types of mangrove plants can be found here in the lower regions of the river. Among them is the Yaeyama Hirugi. This is the most northern place it can be seen and it is designated as a national natural treasure.
やんばる国立公園 東村ふれあいヒルギ公園
やんばる国立公園 東村ふれあいヒルギ公園
We recommend the walking course where you can see mangroves up close without having to get into a kayak. The length of the promenade at the far right of the park is 335 meters. There is also an observation deck along the way, so you can observe rare creatures such as the barred mudskipper.

The place is about a 40 minute car ride from the hotel and be one of the stops on an enjoyable northern area drive. We also provide a breakfast box for those who want to go out early in the morning!
* Breakfast box reservations required (can be picked up before breakfast opening time at 7:00)
* Breakfast box can be exchanged for the breakfast voucher
* Reservations at the front desk by 20:00 the day before

Higashi Village Fureai Hirugi Park Details

Garden Pool
By enhancing our pool area with a night pool light-up, you can enjoy a pool party even in the off-season. Our two heated pools are the perfect place to finish off a day in the ocean or in the forest. It is an all-day fun experience.

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