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For Okinawa Residents: Okinawa Saihakken Campaign has been extended until October 10th.

In order to support tourism related businesses that have been severely affected by the spread of covid, we will issue premium travel and accommodation coupons in order to promote Okinawan travel within the prefecture.

Discount amount: Up to 50% off per person per night + 2,000 yen coupon for local use

【Implementation Period】

Start of Campaign: From March 3, 2022 now extended to October 10, 2022 (check-out on October 11)
Click here for more information about coupon sales.

【How to Use】

(1)For new reservations, please apply at a travel agency participating in the campaign.
(2)If you have already purchased coupons, please make your own arrangments at the hotel or business you plan to use, an OTA, or apply at a travel agency.
※Regional Coupons cannot be used before the beginning of your travel period.

【Participating Travel Agencies】
There are 3 types of plans available: 1. Accommodation only; 2. Accommodation and sightseeing (tourist facilities, experiences, activities); 3. Accommodation with transportation (flight package, bus tour, etc.)

Click here for a list of travel agencies..

【Where to Buy Coupons】
Please see the following list for places to buy coupons. After purchasing, please make your reservations for accommodation with a travel agency, an OTA, directly with the hotel, or using an online reservation site.

Click for list of coupon purchase locations.

【Terms of Use】

(1)Must be an Okinawa Prefecture resident.
(2)For proof of residence, ID will be required at all purchase locations as well as at accommodation facilities.
(3)Travel eligibility for this campaign is limited to Okinawa Prefecture.
(4)Accommodation of 4 or more persons is limited to people who live in the same household and to school trips (only those schools which take measures to prevent infection as per the regulations by the Ministry of Health).
(5)Negative PCR test results must be presented.
*For an quantitative antigen test, it must be within 3 days of the start of travel.
*For a qualitative antigen test, it must be the day before the beginning of travel or the day before the accommodation.
※Children under 12 traveling with family members do not need to be tested.
※Persons who have received 3 vaccinations and can present a certificate do not need to be tested.
※The results must be issued by a certified inspection agency.
※Self-check test results will not be accepted. 
Please see the following list of agencies that provide free PCR testing.
Click for Okinawa Prefecture information
(6)The following information is required with the PCR results: Name of person tested, Test results, Test method, Name of laboratory, Date of specimen collection, Name of test administrator, Expiration date.
(7)Those applying to use this campaign must understand the details of the campaign and agree to cooperate with requirements by Okinawa Prefecture and the businesses that have registered for this campaign.
For any other details regarding this campaign, please click here.

For those living in neighboring Kagoshima Prefecture, this campaign is currently not available using the Neighboring Prefecture Discount.

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