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A base to experience the Natural World Heritage Site Yambaru

Love Okinawa Discover Yambaru! Oriental Hotel Okinawa Resort & Spa in Nago City is located at the entrance of Yambaru in the northern part of Okinawa Island, surrounded by subtropical forests and the coral sea. We rebranded and opened on October 1, 2021, focusing on the natural wonder that is Yambaru. In 2022, we opened our Club Lounge in the lobbe area surrounded by plants endemic to Yambaru. Our Garden Pool which offers a spectacular view from the hillside was also updated. Now we have completed the renovation work on all 288 rooms, including Club rooms and Superior rooms. This completes a comprehensive renovation which was started in 2021.

The new guest rooms have large windows overlooking Okinawa's great nature, and an inner terrace equipped with a day bed and table. By arranging functionally designed furniture in a space-efficient manner, we have created a more open space. You can create speciall moments watching the slowly changing scenery of Okinawa without being disturbed by anyone. In addition, we provide a comfortable sleep with Simmons beds and indirect lighting. Fully supported wi-fi and USB ports add the necessary base for convenience.

Oriental Hotel Okinawa Resort & Spa has been reborn as a space suitable as a travel base for experiencing Yanbaru. We offer unique accommodation plans and a wide variety of activities for guests to choose from to suit their desires and needs. We welcome you to our comfortable hotel providing you with and exceptional experience.

Club Corner (64.9㎡, for 4 persons)
Club Ocean (68.4㎡, for 4 persons)
Our hotel is located on the side of a hill overlooking the East China Sea. The Club Ocean and Club Corner rooms have a generous amount of space with a relaxing living area and an inner terrace offering spectacular views. There is also a balcony space where you can relax and enjoy feeling the sea breeze while watching the sky change from evening to night. Each of these rooms is also equipped with a washer/dryer supporting a more comfortable long-term stay.

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Superior (44.6㎡, for up to 5 persons)
The space here is characterized by floor to ceiling windows overlooking the spectacular ocean and the richness of Yambaru making you feel like you are looking at a beautifully framed painting. The 44.6㎡ guest room has a natural and luxurious design and is functionally laid out with an open closet and an inner terrace with a daybed, giving the room a beautiful openness. It is designed to make your stay more enjoyable for both couples and families. In addition, the all-marble bathroom is equipped with a separate shower stall and a bathtub where you can stretch your legs. The luxurious feeling is all encompassing.

Room Reservation Details

Garden Pool (renovated 2022)
After sunset, the Garden Pool is lit up, creating an enchanting atmosphere. Even if you don't have enough fun during the day or are concerned about the heat and sunburn, you can enjoy the Garden Pool at night. At the poolside you can also enjoy cabanas, the Poolside Bar, or a Poolside BBQ. Relax while looking at the night sky and enjoy a wonderful evening by the pool. 

Club Lounge (Renovated 2022)
Introducing a one-rank-up experience, the Club Lounge is a unique space for use by guests with Club Lounge access. Our dedicated staff will help you to relax from morning to evening in our lounge surrounded with greenery from Yambaru. 

Amenity Base Arin Krin (Renovated 2022)
ARIN KRIN is an Okinawan word meaning "this and that." Our amenity base is set up on the Lobby Floor with the concept of giving you freedom to choose your favorite amenities that fit your lifestyle and the kind of stay you want to have. There are also board games and card games to be rented out so you can spend time in your room.
Items Available:
・Facial cleanser ・Makeup remover ・Lotion ・Milk lotion ・Okinawa soap ・Hair oil ・Bath salts ・Rental board games ・Hairbrush ・Hair band ・Toothpaste ・Razor ・Shaving gel ・Cotton & cotton swab ・Shower cap ・Body sponge ・Ear plugs ・Tea ・Green tea ・Paper plates ・Chopsticks ・Spoons ・Forks ・Stirrers ・Kids amenities (body sponge, toothbrush set, slippers, nightwear)

Room Renewal Celebration Plan (17:00 check-in & no breakfast)
※33% off flexible rate with one night of 3 consecutive nights free

Room Renewal Celebration Plan (17:00 check-in & breakfast included)
※33% off stay-for-breakfast rate with one night of 3 consecutive nights free

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