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New Lunch Menu: Early Summer Herb & Spice Fair

Beginning April 13 and being offered until June 30 at QWACHI Buffet Restaurant is our new fair Early Summer Herb & Spices!
This fair features dishes with refreshing and stimulating flavors that are perfect for Okinawa's early summer as the days gradually get hotter. The variety includes many different hers and spices as well as a variety of cooking methods such as smoking, aging, and fermentation.

Among the menu items are crusty skin on pork belly that has been cooked at a low temperature with Juniper berry flavor (slightly sweet and spicy); chicken stew with tomatoes flavored with bay leaves; "Poulet Basquaise" which has the unique flavors of herbs and chili peppers from the Basque region.

From the selections available at the open kitchen you can choose other menu items with various toppings to make your favorite combinations or to create news ones. Different options are available to make sandwiches that will help cool you down on hot days.

Mediterranean Style Gourmet Fair Menu Details

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