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Discover Yambaru Limited Time Campaign: Get a hotel voucher worth 20% of usage fees for the following experience programs

Campaign Period: April 27 to May 12, 2024
Discover Yambaru is a campaign that rewards hotel guests with in-house vouchers worth up to 20% of the usage fees for the following experience programs.

Through our Discover Yambaru Campaign, we hope to encourage as many of our guests as possible to experience the natural beauty of the Yambaru region of Okinawa. With this in mind and with the mission of helping to revitalize the Yambaru area, we are offering this campaign for you to enjoy these experiences and also give more value to your hotel stay with cash-back vouchers for in-house use. Yambaru has been registered as a Natural World Heritage Site and has beautiful mangroves and unexplored forest areas. You can do some jungle kayaking or hiking through a forest while listening to a guide talk about the origins of the land, history and culture, and the current state of nature. You may also encounter rare creatures and plants in your adventures through this subtropical forest.

At Oriental Hotel Okinawa Resort & Spa, there are many ways to take advantage of the cash back vouchers. There are a number of restaurants with a wide variety of menu items. Or you can use the vouchers for doing some shopping in the KBC Shop or enjoying other facilites at our hotel such as the Spa. Please take this opportunity to expand your experience of Okinawa while enjoying our hotel facilities.

Campaign Details

The tours available for this campaign have been selected by LeaLea OKINAWA, an activity reservation site for tours to enjoy Okinawa. In-house hotel vouchers will be issued for up to 20% of the amount of the reservation fees to the participants.

【Bonus Details】
Up to 20% of the value of the reservation fees.

【Period Available】
Check-in from Saturday, April 27, 2024, to Sunday, May 12, 2024.

【Target Users】
Guest who use the designated activities from the activity reservation site LeaLea OKINAWA.

【How to Receive In-House Vouchers】
During your stay, please present the screen or page where the designated special coupon code "ORI24GW" for each activity experience has been entered at the front desk.

【Where Vouchers Can Be Used】
Restaurants, Lobby Lounge, Poolside Bar (during bar business hours), KBC Shop, Spa.
※Available locations may change depending on business type.
※At KBC Shop, some items cannot be purchased using vouchers. Please check with the shop before purchase of an item.

※Campaign is limited to the tours lisited on the campaign site.
※Campaign is limited to guests staying at the hotel.
※No limit to the number of users or to the number of times it is used.
※Coupon code must be entered at the time of reservation.

You will be kayaking across the surface of a dam lake and cruising through the subtropical jungle forest as you listen to a guide tell you about the plants and animals that live there. From Golden Week through the summer season, once you reach the upper parts of the river, you can get off the kayak and try some river trekking in the cool clear stream. Maybe you will see some river creatures like Ryukyu sweetfish or a giant eel.

Yambaru Subtropical Jungle Kayaking Details

The YONNA COURSE is a wide nature trail about 650 meters in length. The word Yonna means slow or leisurely and suggests that you can take a leisurely stroll at your own pace through the forest. This course is recommended for elderly people and for people using wheelchairs. It is a well-maintained trail where you can observe small birds and you can hear frogs croaking in the streams especially during the rainy season.

Yambaru Nature Trail Guided Walk Details

This is a 2 hour and 15 minutes tour using an environmentally friendly EV bus with a local guide who knows Yambaru well. Yambaru is the 5th location in Japan to be registered as a Natural World Heritage Site and so this tour is called the Yambaru Golden 5 Train! The nature guide will take you to scenic spots where you can see giant fern trees and Japanese staghorn trees. And you will be able to get off the bus for a 15 minute walk through the forest and breathe in the extraordinary forest air!

Yambaru Forest Nature Guided Tour Details

This buggy experience course is in Nakayama, Nago City, halfway between the hotel and Churaumi Aquarium. The adventure takes you from well-maintained trails to very bumpy trails and through gaps in the trees. Your tour guide will tell you about rare plants that grow naturally in Okinawa and about any animals you may see along the way.

Yambarunture Nago Branch Jungle Buggy Details

The guide for this tour will give detailed instructions on how to paddle a kayak so even first-timers will be able to enjoy the experience. The tour is on a river so you don't need to worry about being strong. The guide will support you the whole way. You can look for creatures that live in the mangrove forests as you paddle along.

Kesatsugawa Mangrove Kayaking Details

Four types of mangroves can be seen on the main island of Okinawa. Local guids help you to have fun while conveying the wonders of the natural environment. Coming to Okinawa, swimming in the ocean, and enjoying delicious Ryukyu cuisine are all great, but going on a kayak adventure will make your time even better!

Billion River Mangrove Kayak Tour Details

Enjoy the charm of Okinawa that cannot be experienced in every day life. Rowing towards the sunset over the ocean on this sunset tour is a memory you will not forget. If you take the night tour, you will have a completely different impression from a daytime tour. At night when it gets dark, the air is calmer and you can hear the birds chirping and the murmuring of the river.

Hija River Mangrove Sunset or Night Kayak Tour Details

Standing on a transparent SUP board is like taking a walk on the water! The coast of Sesoko Island is a popular spot with beautiful emerald green waters. The clear board allows you to see the coral reef and the fish down under the water. Your instructor will teach you the basic movements and the correct way of using a SUP board so that even beginners will feel at ease.

Clear SUP Tour Details

This tour allows you to dive without a license (C card). First you will practice how to use scuba diving equipment at a depth where your feet can touch the bottom. This way even beginners and those who are not good swimmers as well as children from age 10 can participate with confidence.

Churaumi Beach Trial Diving Details

This is a very popular plan where you go on a short ferry ride to Minna Island from Okinawa's Motobu Peninsula. You can relax swimming, snorkeling, and enjoying marine sports. A delicious lunch is included.

Minna Island Sea Bathing + Snorkeling Details

Using a shisa artist's original work as a reference, you will spend 3 hours creating your own unique shisa. The finished product is about 15cm tall. It will be shipped to you approximately 6 weeks later. Shipping fees are not included.

Authentic Pottery Shisa Making Experience Details

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