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Mediterranean Style Gourmet Fair with unique traditional cuisine from Italy, Spain, Greece, etc.

The 6th Oriental Hotels & Resorts cross-facility fair

The Mediterranean Style Gourmet Fair will be held from April 8th to June 30th, 2024. You will be able to enjoy items from the cultures and traditions that surround the Mediterrranean Sea and are perfect for a refreshing early summer menu.
Our lineup of dishes is all about the richness of the earth and the cultures and traditions that surround the Mediterranean Sea. Known as the local dish of the Andalusia region, "Flamenco Egg" is a mixture of colorful vegetables, ham, and soft-boiled eggs that resemble the costume of a flamenco dancer. Aqua Pazza is a dish made with seafood boldly stewed to bring out the flavors. You will instantly feel like you are in the Mediterranean when you taste the meatballs filled with spices especially when you pair them with a refreshing yogurt sauce. You can also enjoy them together with pita bread. Greek Style Farro Salad is made by adding feta cheese and tomatoes to "spelt" which is a precursor to wheat and said to have been cultivated for about 7,000 years. Beets and blood oranges make for a very colorful salad. All of these unique items may be difficult to find in Japan, but you can enjoy them as much as you like with our buffet menu.

There is also a large selection of sweets and drinks. The freshly squeezed Mont Blanc is popular at our group hotels and this time will be arranged Tiramisu style with mascarpone cheese and coffee syrup. The all-you-can-drink menu will feature familiar drinks from Spain and Italy as well as beautiful cocktails to remind you of the blue sea and white clouds of the Mediterranean Sea.

We hope you will enjoy a luxurious gourmet journey at our Mediterranean Style Gourmet Fair where you can enjoy a variety of refreshing menu items perfect for early summer.

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