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Celebrate your child's 1st birthday Okinawan style!

"Tanka Yuei" is the Okinawan name of an event to celebrate a child's 1st birthday. In Okinawa, this is an important event and so families, relatives, and friends gather together to celebrate in a grand way, to report to the ancestors, and to pray for good health. In this event, you can experience a kind of fortune-telling which may predict what kind of life your child will lead in the future.

What is Tanka fortune-telling?
A number of items are lined up a few meters in front of the child, and the item the child chooses will predict what kind of job they will have in the future or what kind of life they will lead. Traditional items include red rice, books, money, an abacus, brushes, scissors, etc. These days some families will include things like soccer balls or digital tablets.

red rice…you won't have to worry about enough to eat
books…you will become a scholar
abacus…you will become a businessman
brushes…you will become an official
scissors…you will become a sewing expert
World Kids is a company which provides on-site baysitting services at our hotel. Tanka Yuei is a new service that they provide and we would like our guests to know about it. World Kids can provide support for a 1-year birthday celebration (it doesn't need to be the exact birthday) even if you don't use the babysitting service. They also provide Okinawan clothing rental as well as an optional photography service.

For reservations and inquiries, please contact World Kids
Hours: 8:00~17:00 (except year end and New Year's)

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