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Spring Fresh Strawberry Fair!

From February 1st to April 7th, our Spring Fresh Strawberry Fair will be an opportunity for our guests to enjoy seasonal strawberries in various menu items.
The Spring Fresh Strawberry Fair dessert menu is extensive including such items as Strawberry Mont Blanc made with fermented soy milk giving it a cheese-like flavor and Strawberry Coupe which guests can top with more strawberries and chocolate. There is also strawberry and celery Gazpacho (cold soup) and a salad pizza created with strawberries (sweet), prosciutto (salty), and arugula (bitter/spicy). We also have some unusual items such as Strawberry Sweet & Sour Pork to fill out the strawberry menu.

In addition to the regular drink menu, the all-you-can-drink plan includes strawberry liqueur cocktails. This season strawberries are the star! Enjoy desserts, meals, drinks, and fresh strawberries all to your heart's content.

Event Period


Menu Examples

Strawberry & Celery Gazpacho
Strawberry & Shellfish Ceviche
Prosciutto, Arugula, & Strawberry Salad Pizza
Beef Tagliata with Strawberry & Balsamic Sauce
Strawberry Sweet & Sour Pork
Strawberry Mont Blanc
Strawberry Coupe

※The picture is for illustration purposes only.

All-You-Can-Drink Plan

In addition to beer and wine, we have an extensive drink menu including strawberry liqueur cocktails.

All-You-Can-Drink Menu (Dinner Only)
Asahi Super Dry, wine glass (red/white), Strawberry Liqueur Cocktails, etc.
¥2,800 for 90 minutes

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