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November 11 (Sat.) SAUNA TOTONOI Village Festival Open!

The SAUNA TOTONOI Village Festival is the largest sauna festival in Okinawa's history and will be held at Oriental Hotel Okinawa Resort & Spa. The theme is "Phantom Village" as the event appears for one day and disappears the next day. We hope sauna lovers from all over the country will gather together! There is a wide variety of tent saunas and barrel saunas, and there will also be food booths serving Okinawa Soba and Taco Rice. There will also be live performances, Eisa performances, and flashy water shows for your all-day-long enjoyment!

SAUNA TOTONOI Village Festival
Saturday, November 25, 11:00~20:00
Ticket Prices: Two hours of use ¥5,000 / All day use ¥10,000
※Tickets are available for advance purchase from the official event page.

SAUNA TOTONOI Village Festival Event Page

Participating Sauna Companies

Food Vendors

1. Nankuru (Okinawa Soba:
2. INAHO FARM (Soft Ice Cream:

※Information as of November 8.

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