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Barrel Sauna and Tent Sauna, the hottest in the world, available this year!

Due to popular demand, the use period has been extended. Some of the details have been changed.

With the goal of introducing more of our guests to the charm of saunas, the use of the barrel and tent saunas will be available for both hotel guests and day guests. Our original hotel aroma, Yambaru Green, will be used as the steam aroma. This year we will also offer "Aufguss", a service fanning the steam inside the sauna with a towel, a service which is a guest favorite according to sauna experts. The Garden Pool becomes the cold outdoor bath following the sauna with the extra pleasure of feeling the sea breeze and enjoying a beautiful view.

■ Summary

Barrel Sauna by ONE SAUNA
Tent Sauna by MORZH
January 6, 2024 ~ April 30, 2024  May 5, 2024
15:00〜21:00 (Last entry 20:00)
Hotel Stay Guests: ¥2,000 per day
Day Guests: ¥4,500 per entry(¥3,000 from January to February)
*The Garden Pool can be used as a cold water bath. Due to maintenance from January to February, a separate cold water bath will be provided.
Barrel Sauna Private Use Fee
Hotel Stay Guests: ¥15,000 for 90 minutes
Day Guests: ¥30,000 for 90 minutes
Capacity 6 people. Reservations required the day before.
Age Limit
For use from age 13 and up
Sauna Benefits
Hotel Stay Guests (only): Complimentary use of bathrobes, beach sandals, and sauna swimwear.
Recreation Desk 9:00-21:00
Tel 0980-51-1000 (10:00-18:00)

* Please wear a swimsuit when using the sauna.

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