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August 29 ONLY! Taste Okinawa traditional confectionery "Haaga"

This Okinawan traditional confectionery called Haaga is made using beer malt and yeast lees. The project is a collaboration between Okinawa National College of Technology, Tokyo Gakugei University, and Nago Children's Cafeteria NPO. There will be a one-day only sales booth at our hotel. Product development was supervised by Masaaki Maedomari, head chef of Japanese cuisine at our hotel and a certified Ryukyu Cuisine Legend in Okinawa Prefecture. 

Haaga is a baked confectionery that represents the phases of the moon, and has been used traditionally as an offering during Okinawan cultural events.

Available: Tuesday, August 29, 14:00-16:30
Location: Lobby Floor
Price: 160 yen
*The image is a product image.

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