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Classic x Okinawa Folk Song Concert Wednesday, August 2: A special summer nighttime music event

The Classic x Okinawa Folk Song Concert will be held on August 2 (Wednesday) at the Club Lounge. A special offer of music and drinks will be provided.

The concert will be a DJ performance that remixes old Okinawan songs with high-quality classics and Okinawan folk songs. Cocktails created from Okinawan ingredients that stimulate all five senses will also be available as well as carefully handcrafted chocolates showcasing Okinawan flavors. Surrender yourself to the music during this time catered for adults.

August in Okinawa is one of the hottest months in Japan, and you can enjoy summer activities on the beach or in the mountains. Okinawa also has a unique culture and history, and many events are held in August. This summer we will hold a one-night-only music event at the Club Lounge to celebrate summer in Okinawa. You can enjoy the music and the hotel's special drinks and snacks while welcoming artists who will liven up the Okinawan music scene. Please come and make summer memories with your friends, partners, and families!

(Rune Aoki VI, Makito Chonan Vc, Chiharu Jahana Pf)
Formed in 2011. Active mainly in Tokyo, Kanagawa, and Okinawa. Taking advantage of their individual technical skills and expressiveness, they are always actively working on new and transcendent songs. In Okinawan CHURA means beautiful and in the Sanskrit language it means "balance". The group carries the reputation of beautifully balanced expressions. In 2019, they released a specially arranged collection of Okinawan folk songs "CHURA TRIO Okinawa Ongakushu Nami".

Masae Nakada
Ms. Nakada leads Deigoza and is known as the comedy queen of Okinawa. She established the Sachiko Nakada Performing Arts Center in Okinawa's premier downtown area where she performs Okinawan folk song shows every night. This attracts not only tourists but also visitors from all over Okinawa. Masae Nakada is the granddaughter of Sachiko Nakada who was a well-seasoned artist. She also appears at the nightly show at the performing arts center and is highly popular.

Born in Okinawa in 1989, the artist has been familiar with music as a bassist since his teens, and started producing music using computers around 2007. After traveling around Asia including pilgrimages to Shikoku, he developed an interest in Okinawa, and in 2013 released "Shima DUB", a remix of Okinawan old songs. Since then, he has been involved in various productions and is also active as a live DJ. He also created the environmental music "ambiental" that embodies the concept of our hotel.

「OKINAWA CACAO」Yambaru Assortment Chocolate Platter
The concept of OKINAWA CACAO is to meticulously handcraft chocolates using local ingredients such as Yagaji pineapple and Nakijin watermelon. The warm hearts of the islanders is delivered in the form of chocolate.

The hotel Lobby Lounge will be providing special drinks where you can enjoy the extraordinary space combining fantastic lighting and music. Enjoy a colorful cocktail made with Ie Island rum (left) or a Morning Dew Ryukyu Black Tea mocktail that will make you want to reach for the chocolate when you taste it (right).

Event: Classic x Okinawa Folk Song Concert
Date: August 2 (Wednesday) 19:30~21:30
Venue: Oriental Hotel Okinawa Resort & Spa Lobby Floor Club Lounge
Admission: Includes admission to Club Lounge, drink & chocolate
Adults 4000 yen
Children 2000 yen
Ages 6 and under free

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