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Cacao & Cocktails--Original Menu Items

The combination of chocolate and cocktails was created by a collaboration between Mr. Kei Kawai, director of OKINAWA CACAO, a café and chocolate workshop which creates specialty chocolates using Okinawan ingredients, and Ryukyu Drink Coordinator Tomoaki Nakamura, who runs the Alchemist café and bar in Naha City and which serves mixology cocktails made with Okinawan ingredients. This is a unique offering that can only be enjoyed at Oriental Hotel Okinawa.

The concept of OKINAWA CACAO is to make carefully handcrafted chocolates using local ingredients such as Yagaji Island pineapple, Nakijin watermelon, and Maruta Awamori produced by a local brewery. Mr. Kawai's desire is to share the warmth of the people of Okinawa in the form of chocolate. The area of Yambaru, also known as the "miracle forest", has been chosen as the location in which to cultivate high quality cacao unique to Okinawa and thereby create connections between people and businesses that are rooted in local culture and community. We offer you the Yambaru Assortment at our Lobby Lounge.

Mr. Nakamura is a bartender who is well versed in mixology and creates cocktails with locally sourced ingredients knowing how to draw out the individual flavors. This time he has created original cocktails that maximize the appeal of the Yambaru Assortment. He has also created cocktails that showcase the flavors of Okinawan produced fruits and spices.

These unique menu items can only be enjoyed at Oriental Hotel Okinawa where our aspiration is to establish connections with local businesses not only to promote them but to convey the charm and richness of Okinawa to our guests.

In addition, you can also enjoy original cocktails created by Mr. Nakamura using Okinawan herbs and fruit.

Yambaru Assortment

Okinawa x Chocolate on a Plate by OKINAWA CACAO
Available July 1st to August 31st.
Extended through September.
Lobby Lounge 11:00~23:00
 ¥1,100 per plate

 Chocolate with Nakijin Watermelon
 Chocolate with Yagaji Island Pineapple
 Maruta Awamori Chocolate

Yambaru Mixology Cocktails

Available July 1st to September 30th
Lobby Lounge 11:00~23:00
Cocktails that make you want to reach for chocolate. Each cocktail is served with one piece of chocolate made by OKINAWA CACAO.
Coffee & Island Sake Meet 
A smoked cocktail showcasing the different nuances of separately roasted coffee, awamori, and cacao.

Morning Dew Ryukyu Black Tea
A tea mocktail with the scent of refreshing lemongrass and a karaki leaf (Okinawan cinnamon) paired with chocolate to give it a complete balance.

Refreshing drinks with rich and spicy aromas that are perfect for the warm climate of Okinawa.
Yagaji Island Honey with the Flavor of Tropical Flowers
A cocktail that combines the sweetness of Yagaji Island honey and the tartness of passion fruit.

A Gathering of Yambaru Forest 
A mocktail perfect for summer combining the essence of two kinds of citrus fruit together with spices creating a refreshing aroma and flavor.

Kei Kawai, Director of Local Landscape Co., Ltd.

Mr. Kawai is also the director of OKINAWA CACAO, a cafe and chocolate workshop in Ogimi, the northern area of Okinawa Island. Chocolate paired with seasonal dried fruit and chocolate created in collaboration with a local brewery create delicious complimentary flavors that will captivate you with just one bite. The company’s farm in Ogimi Village is also working on cultivating their own cacao for use in Okinawa. From Yambaru, they hope to spread the richness of Okinawa through cacao production with the purpose of creating connections between people and businesses that are rooted in local culture and community.

Mr. Tomoaki Nakamura, Ryukyu Drink Coordinator

Mr. Nakamura is a bartender who creates cocktails with the theme of “Okinawa x Mixology”. Including the bar Alchemist, he has 3 mixology bars in Naha City. He promotes the enjoyment of Okinawan ingredients such as awamori, shell ginger, and Ryukyu karaki (a cinnamon flavored tree leaf). His participation in cocktail competitions has won him 18 awards over the past 5 years. Additionally, he is engaged in product development unique to Okinawa such as Orion Beer’s Chura Watta Botanical Muscat. He has been working as a bartender in Okinawa for 20 years and has been active in consulting for and supervising drink recipes for various hotels and restaurants.

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