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Donation for Nago Children's Cafeteria

Oriental Hotel Okinawa Resort & Spa has donated 300 lunch tickets for our restaurant QWACHI to support activities for children in Nago City. Nago Children's Cafeteria provides a safe place for children in Nago to come to after school / Saturdays and it provides lunches for children on Saturdays.

Nago Children's Cafeteria, based in Nago City, uses a community center as a place for children to come to for activities and for support with learning. It also provides meals for those who need support. Since 2017, Oriental Hotel Okinawa Resort & Spa has been involved in volunteering for various activities such as learning support, donating lunch boxes, and providing free lunches for children who have not had enough nutrition due to school closures during coronavirus. In addition, we have invited students from universities outside the prefecture who are interested in supporting the activities of Nago Children's Cafeteria to come to Okinawa, stay in our dormitory, and intern at our hotel at the same time as volunteering in Nago.

This time, our hotel decided to donate lunch tickets that can be used at the hotel restaurant and lounge  (regular price 1 ticket = ¥2,500) so that Nago Children's Cafeteria can raise money to help cover the costs of recent price increases and thereby continue activities through summer vacation when school lunches are not available. On Friday, June 9, 2023, we presented the donation to Mr. Yasuhiro Kamiya, vice chairman of Nago Children's Cafeteria. The event was held at the National Institute of Technology, Okinawa College in Henoko, Nago City.
Oriental Hotel Okinawa Resort & Spa will continue to participate in and support the activities of Nago Children's Cafeteria for the children who will lead the future.
Together with the support of local universities, technical colleges, highschools, companies, and organizations, as well as local school social workers and child supporters, we provide a place for children who need support outside of their schools and homes in order to help with learning and other activities, and we provide meal support. We have also created a network for online digital support by connecting the children with students from Okinawa Institute of Technology, Meio University, and Tokyo Gakugei University. At the same time, we are developing a local management model so that children can form connections with local people and experience the joy of learning.

※You can see the details of activities on the official website and Instagram account.

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Donated lunch tickets will be sold for ¥1,500 per person (regularly ¥2,500) and all proceeds belong to Nago Children's Cafeteria.
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