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Golden Week 2023 Information

Highlights for Golden Week are events for both kids and adults: an opportunity to experience the coral reef system and an chance to learn traditional performing arts

Golden Week Period: April 29 to May 6, 2023

At an event next to our Garden Pool, the largest in Okinawa, we will be showcasing the "ino" which in Okinawan means "the shallow sea surrounded by the coral reef". You will be able to observe the colorful sea creatures that inhabit the shallow waters and sandy areas surrounding Okinawa using box glasses. It is as if you are actually going to the ocean. Trained staff from Okinawa Sakana Company who know everything about the sea of Okinawa will be at the venue to answer any questions you have and to help you better understand the marine ecosystem while you are having fun.

You will also be able to experience traditional Okinawan culture first hand by watching Eisa, sanshin live performances, and Ryukyu dance performances. There will be hand-held fireworks for sale and a stamp rally. A number of events have been designed to enhance the illuminated night pool experience..

For a limited time we will be offering a Poolside Self BBQ so that you can enjoy your own cooking while watching the sunset next to the Garden Pool. The Poolside Bar will be offering drink and light meal options including "Kajutta", freshly squeezed juice inside of the fruit itself.
Ino Observation
Observe the sea creatures that inhabit the shallow places of the coral reef. Trained staff will be available to explain the ecosystem while you are watching and will also answer any of your questions. The event will be outdoors under a covered area so that it can also be enjoyed on rainy days.

Time: Daily 10:00~18:00
Place: Garden Pool
Cost: Free

Traditional Eisa
There are many active local youth groups in Okinawa that perform traditional Eisa. The style will be different depending on the region they are from. There will be two traditional Eisa performances on different days and it would be worthwhile to see both of them.

Dates: May 3rd, May 5th
Time: 20:30
Place: Garden Pool
Cost: Free
※In case of inclement weather, the location will be changed to indoors.

Ryukyu Dance
Ryukyu dance is a traditional Okinawa performing arts dance that has been passed down for many generations and is deeply rooted in Okinawan culture. The performances are by a group of young performers called Rokka, Mutsu no Hanna.

Dates: May 4th, May 6th
Time: 19:30 / 20:30
Place: Banquet Room
Cost: Free

Sanshin Live Performance
There will be three performances every day which will include traditional Okinawan folk songs as well as more recent popular tunes. You can enjoy your dinner listening to the live music or enjoy the night pool with the musical sounds of Okinawa.

Dates: April 29th to May 6th
18:00 Buffet & Grill QWACHI
19:00 Uchina Dining Jinanbou
20:00 Garden Pool
Cost: Free
※In case of inclement weather, the location will be changed.

Hand Held Fireworks
Fireworks will be sold at the restaurant and at KBC Shop. Guests who purchase them can enjoy using them on the restaurant terrace.

Dates: April 29th to May 6th
Time: 19:00~21:30
Place: Buffet & Grill QWACHI Terrace
Sold At: Buffet & Grill QWACHI & KBC Shop
※In case of inclement weather, the event will be cancelled.
※Please do not bring your own fireworks into the hotel.

Bingata Dye Craft
Enjoy a traditional Okinawan craft together with your children. You can each make your favorite size and pattern bag using Okinawa's traditional dyeing technique. It takes about 40~60 minutes.

Days:  May 1, 2, 5, 6
Time:  15:00~22:00 (Last Entry 21:00)
Venue:  Lobby Floor Event Space
Cost:  ¥2,500~

Stamp Rally
Using the hints written on the card find the stamps around the hotel. Kids who collect all the stamps will receive a prize at the front desk. Stamp Rally cards are handed out at check-in for kids age 12 and under.

Dates: April 29th to May 6th
Place: Inside the hotel
Target Age: 12 years old and under
Cost: Free

Pooside Self BBQ
Available for 2 or more persons, you can order the BBQ set that includes ingredients such as Okinawan Wagyu Beef, Agu Sausages, and original Taco Rice. You will be cooking for yourself next to the Garden Pool where you can watch the sunset.

Dates: April 29th to May 6th
Times: 18:30 / 19:00 / 19:30
Place: Garden Pool
Cost: BBQ Set + Soft Drink (all-you-can-drink)(90 min.)¥8,500 per person
          BBQ Set + Alcohol (all-you-can-drink)(90 min.)¥10,000 per person
          Kids Set Plan with Soft Drink (all-you-can-drink)(90 min.)¥3,500 per person
※Please make reservations by 16:00.

Poolside Bar
Our Poolside Bar will be offering soft drinks and alcohol in addition to food menu items such as Taco Rice and our signature menu, Kobe High Curry. You will also be able to enjoy freshly squeezed juice by way of Kajutta which squeezes the juice inside the fruit leaving the outside intact.

Dates: April 29th to May 6th
Time: 10:00~21:00
Place: Garden Pool
Cost:  ¥600~

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