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Autumn Trip Campaign! Up to 30% OFF for members! Save money while you can still relax at the beach or by the pool!

Autumn Trip Campaign now available!
Okinawa enjoys a warm climate and a beautiful ocean throughout the year. Autumn still provides plenty of sunshine, warm days, and island breezes.

〈Sales Period〉
Until November 30, 2023

★Summer Trip Sale15%~20%OFF★
★For members, an additional 10%OFF!★(Membership registration is free.)

It will be 15%~20%OFF for the accommodation fee. If you book from our official website, there is an additional10%OFF for a total of 30%OFF!

CLUB ORIENTAL members limited discount time sale:
From 9/1 13:00 until 9/20 18:00, the member discount for some summer travel campaigns will be reduced from 10% off to 20% off!!!
During the member-only discount time sale period, you can get 15% off the accommodation fee plus the member discount of 20% for a total of 35% off.
Please check the summer travel sale plan "CLUB ORIENTAL member rate discount" before making your reservation.

『Autumn Trip Campaign No Meals』Plan Details

『Autumn Trip Campaign Breakfast Included』Plan Details

『Autumn Trip Campaign Breakfast Included』Plan Details
※Club Benefit: Club Lounge Access

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