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Christmas Special Accommodation & Dinner Plan

This year's Christmas Special Dinner will be offered on December 23rd, 24th, and 25th and will only be sold together with an accommodation plan for the newly renovated Club Rooms and Panoramic Ocean View Suites. It will be limited to 5 rooms per day. Reservations begin on November 12, 2022.

The dinner theme created by the chefs is to showcase Okinawa's natural blessings of forest, sea, earth, sun, and sky. The menu items incorporate mainly Okinawan ingredients such as Motobu Beef, Yambaru Island Pork, and Yagaji Island Honey. The Dinner Course will be served in reserved seating in the exclusive Club Lounge that is available only to guests staying in the Club Rooms and Suites. We anticipate that you will spend a romantic and special time with loved ones while enjoying the Christmas dinner course in the unique enviroment of the Club Lounge surrounded by the greenery of Yambaru.

Reservations begin Saturday, November 12, 2022
Accommodation period: December 23 (Fri.), 24 (Sat.), 25 (Sun.), 2022
Dinners limited to 5 rooms per day
Dinner time: 19:30~
Venue: Lobby Floor Club Lounge
Inquiries: 0980-51-1900 (9:30-18:00)

Christmas Dinner with Accommodation Plan Details

Sparkling Wine and Yagaji Island Honey Jelly Cocktail with Turban Shell and Caviar
Yambaru Mushrooms, Foie Gras, and Truffle Pie Wrap and Roasted Duck Breast
Blue Crab Consomme Soup with Seaweed Quenelle
Red Grouper and Omar Shrimp with Shikuwasa Flavored Tomato Sauce and Basil Pistou
Sauteed Motobu Beef Sirloin with Mountain Potato from Kin Town and Yambaru Island Pork Confit with Rosemary
Matcha Blancmange with Strawberry Ice Cream
Coffee or Tea (Original Blend Coffee with Okinawan Coffee Beans or Ryukyu Black Tea)

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