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Nationwide Travel Assistance Information on Okinawa Sai Hakken NEXT

It was announced that the nationwide travel support “Okinawa Rediscovery NEXT” will be extended into September. In order to use this benefit at our hotel, you will need to complete the procedure on the discount application site “STAY NAVI”. Okinawa Rediscovery NEXT is a campaign that offers discounts for trips to Okinawa. If a resident of Okinawa travels outside of the prefecture, they will need to use a campaign implemented by the prefecture of their travel destination.

【Start of Sales】
Tuesday, July 11, 2023

【Period of Usage】
Friday, September 1 until Thursday, November 30, 2023
※Until check-out on December 1st
※Offer available only as long as funds are available

Residents of Japan (including residents of Okinawa Prefecture)

【Conditions for Use】
1) Travel and accommodation with Okinawa as the destination
2) Presentation of ID cards for all campaign users
3) Understanding and cooperation for the terms of this campaign

Discount rate: 20% (limit of 3,000 yen/night)
Regional coupon:
Weekdays: 2,000 yen
Holidays: 1,000 yen

※ For stays 9/1~9/30: Travel products booked before July 11th are not eligible for the campaign.
※ For stays 10/1~11/30:  Travel products booked before August 28th are not eligible for the campaign.
※ After making your accommodation reservation, you will need to issue the discount coupon for yourself from the STAY NAVI official website. (Please see link below.)
※ Okinawa Aya Discovery NEXT coupons for extended stays from 10/1~11/30 will be issued from 10:00 on 8/31.
※ For stays from September to November, discounts apply to reservations made through the hotel's official website only.
※ Reservations made through travel agencies and OTA sites, or accommodation plans with air tickets are not eligible for discounts. Please make reservations through our official website.

Okinawa Sai Hakken NEXT Campaign Details

STAY NAVI Site Details

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