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2022 September & October Special Lunch ~ Respect for Aged Day~

This year, like every year, we are offering the great benefit of up to 90% off of lunch for grandparents. In September we have a nutritious lunch menu that is gentle enough for the ongoing summer heat in Okinawa. And, of course, we have menu items to please the small children. You can enjoy the traditional Okinawan flavors alongside of other nutrious menu items. We hope you will plan to enjoy lunch out with grandparents as well as other family members!

ーーSpecial Benefitsーー
①65 years old and older 30%OFF!
¥2,500 ⇒ ¥1,750
②90 years old and older 90%OFF!
¥2,500 ⇒ ¥250

※Proof of age will be required (health card or other ID).
※This special is available until October 31, 2022.

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