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Kayaking in Oura Mangrove Forest, Nago City (drone service included)

The northern part of Okinawa main island known as Yambaru is a place rich in nature with an abundance of plants and animals endemic to the area. The east coast of Nago has a long history of agriculture and food culture as a result. Wansaka Oura Park is and organization run by 10 villages to protect the beautiful scenery and lifestyle of the region. It is this organization that offers eco-experience programs for guests to feel and enjoy the charm of nature more closely. Guests from our hotel who participate will receive a special gift of an original postcard with a picture of their activity experience. When making a reservation, please indicate that you are staying at Oriental Hotel Okinawa Resort & Spa.

Oura Mangrove Tour (drone service included)
The mangrove forest has been designated as a national park by Nago City. This adventurous kayak ride will feel a little like a jungle cruise. You will encounter various plants and animals which will be explained to you by your knowledgeable guide. This tour is suitable for beginners and is recommended even for families with children.

Oura Mangrove Tour Details / Reservations

Sunbathing at Dawn -- Dawn Tour (drone service included)
Let's go meet the sunrise! The sky changes from deep indigo to pink coral... Soaking in the morning sun will begin your day with a refreshed mind and body.

Dawn Tour Details / Reservations

Night Mangrove Kayaking with Stargazing and Taking a Walk Across the Night Sky
Explore the mangrove forest under the stars in the darkness of the night! In the summer season, the bioluminescent plankton shine brightly creating a magical scene. A professional photographer wil take your picture with the starry sky as a backdrop and a guide will tell you about the night sky using a laser pointer.

Night Mangrove Kayaking Tour Details / Reservations

Folded Rock Formation and Kayaking Tour (drone service included)
Especially recommended for people interested in stratigraphy and those involved in education, the guide for this tour explains the unusual folded rock formations that are a natural monument in Teniya, Nago City. You will be upclose to this beautiful formation. And you will enjoy the sea kayaking experience.

Folded Rock Formation and Kayaking Tour Details / Reservations

This video introduces the Nago City natural monuments and parks namely Oura Mangrove forest and its surrounding area. There is a walkway taking you through the mangroves from which you can see unique creatures like lapis lazuli crabs and crayfish. You can also participate in a guided tour walking along the promenade or kayaking. At the direct sales store on the Wansaka Oura Park property, you can enjoy delicious local specialties, drinks, sweets, and local food!

Wansaka Oura Park