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Thank you for choosing Oriental Hotel Okinawa Resort & Spa. We consider guest satisfaction to be our most important mission; therefore, we would appreciate any comments or suggestions you may have. Please spare a few minutes of your valuable time to complete our online questionnaire to help make your next visit more enjoyable. Your online questionnaire will be sent to the email address provided. Please make sure to hand this questionnaire to the front desk or any nearby staff.

If you fill out the questionnaire during your stay, you will receive a hotel original gift.
1. Please fill out the form below.
2. Please answer each question and submit the form.
3. Please join "CLUB ORIENTAL".
4. Please inform the front desk of your room number after completion in order to receive your gift.
* You can choose from the following gifts as long as there are supplies.

In the deep forest of Yambaru, charcoal is created from the wood grown there. It is a condensed form of the treasures of the island accumulated over many years and ground into a fine powder. The signature fragrance of Oriental Hotel Okinawa Resort & Spa is Yambaru Green. It is a scent expressing the deep green forest created from 100% natural high-quality essential oils. A touch of Shikusawa oil finishes it with a pleasant and elegant aroma. The pairing of the charcoal with Yambaru Green creates a handmade soap that allows you to feel the forest of Yambaru on your skin.

Hotel Original Yambaru Natural Wood Aroma Diffuser with "Yambaru Green" Fragrance
This Yambaru natural wood and high-quality essential oil will bring back memories of your trip. The wood is from a tree that grows naturally in Yambaru. The scent is an original mix 100% natural inspired by the frangrance of a southern island. Mixed into it is a blend of natural herbs and a drop of Okinawa's unique citrus oil from the Shikuwasa fruit which creates a pleasant and elegant touch with a lovely balance of freshness and individuality.

■ Original Eco Bag
This is an eco-friendly shoulder bag created from recycled cotton with our hotel logo printed on the side.

■ Original Carabiner
A carabiner engraved with our hotel name can be used in a variety of ways such as on a belt or attached to a bag.

CLUB ORIENTAL Membership Program
Benefit #1: 10% OFF Flexible Rate (lowest price)
Reserve from the official Oriental Hotels & Resorts website and get 10% off of the lowest price (some exclusions apply). Limited time benefit.
Benefit #2: 5% OFF Restaurant Use
Available for all outlets from cafes to bars, this is a limited facility and limited time benefit. It can be used immediately after registration.
Benefit #3: Mail Magazine Notification for Member-Only Deals
We will be sending out email newsletters with information about member-only accommodation plans, updated hotel and restaurant information, and event information.