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■ Air Conditioning
The air conditioning units are centrally controled throughout the hotel, so it is not possible to switch between heating and cooling in the guest rooms individually.
Cooling and heating is adjusted according to the outdoor temperature and weather.
There are a limited number of stand-alone air coolers and heaters for use. Please contact the front desk if you wish to use one.

■ Icemaker
There is an icemaker located outside room #06 on each floor (5-13F) and next to the elevator hall on the 14th floor for 14-15F.

■ Microwave
There is a microwave located outside room #06 on each floor (5-13F) and next to the elevator hall on the 14th floor for 14-15F.

■ Cash / Precious Metals
The hotel is not responsible for loss or theft. Please use the safe box provided in the room for valuables.

■ Nightwear / Slippers
Please use the provided nightwear and slippers only in the room.

■ Morning Call
You can set your telephone for a wake up call.
Setting for Morning Call
     * + 5 + Desired Time
     For example, if you want to wake up at 7:00 a.m.
     * + 5 + 0700
Morning Call Cancellation
     * + 6

■ Free Wi-Fi Service
SSID: Oriental_Guest
Password: The Wi-Fi password will be displayed on the bottom right of the screen when the TV is turned on in your room.

 Check-Out Time
Check-out time is 11:00 AM (depending on your accommodation plan). It may be busy and there may be a wait time at 11:00. If you make your payment in advance at the front desk, you can check-out simply by returning your room key.

■ Smoking Area
The smoking area is outside the main entrance.

Information for the Following Guest Rooms: Club Ocean Premium / Club Ocean / Club Corner Premium / Club Corner / Club Room / Suite Rooms

■ BALMUDA The Speaker
BALMUDA the Speaker provides a pleasant 360° sound that is synchronized with the light production. The immersive sound and light effects create a unique ambiance.
To Operate
1.Press the power button on the back of the speaker to turn it on. 
2.Press "★" for 2 seconds to start pairing standby.
3.Pairing is complete when you select "BALMUDAM01" on your bluetooth device.

■ Original Blend Coffee MORI
MORI coffee is an Oriental Hotel original coffee blend. Coffee grown in Okinawa at Nakayama Coffee Farm in Yambaru and Asian specialty standard coffee beans are blended to give you the feeling of taking a deep breath in the mountains of Yambaru. Please enjoy this flavor only found here.

■ Dilmah Tea
The Dilmah black tea is a fresh black tea sent directly from Sri Lanka, the country that delivers an original rich aroma and a clear flavorful taste. Profits from this company go directly back to the production area in Sri Lanka.

■ Electric Kettle
There are 7 temperature settings on this kettle from 50° to 100°.
To Operate
1.Touch the power switch.
2.Use the same switch to set your desired temperature.
3.Touch the switch again to start.

■ BALMUDA The Range (Not available in Suite Rooms)
This range is designed for easy use with simple dial operation.
To Operate
・Automatic Setting: for heating room temperature or refrigerated items
・Manual Setting: for heating room temperature or refrigerated items
・Drinks: heats drinks from room temperature (coffee, milk, Japanese sake)
※For safety reasons, please refrain from using the oven setting.
※Using other electrical items at the same time may cause the electrical breaker to turn off.