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Safety Handbook

Terms & Conditions

This handbook presents preparatory instructions for emergency situations and life safety instructions in unexpected situations. Although we make every effort for ensuring your safety, please take a moment to read the handbook to be prepared for unexpected emergencies.

When You Arrive at Your Room
Learn the emergency exits and evacuation routes on the map found on the inside of the room door, and walk to locate at least two of the potential exits and evacuation routes.
Locate the emergency flashlight in the room.
If you have any concern about an emergency evacuation due to physical limitations, please do not hesitate to consult the front desk.
Notes on Smoking
Smoking is strictly prohibited within the premises including guest rooms and balcony area. There is a designated smoking area outside the main entrance. Please completely extinguish cigarettes in the ashtrays in the smoking area.

If You Discover a Fire
If you discover a fire, please inform the front desk immediately.
Make loud noises to alert people nearby.
If there is any indication or even a suspicion of a fire (smoke or odor), no matter how minor it is, please inform the front desk.

If You Hear a Fire Alarm
Please remain calm and follow the instructions of the Voice Alarm System and the hotel staff.
Do not use elevators.
Create a mask with a wet towel or cloth and keep it over your nose and mouth to prevent and minimize the amount of smoke inhalation.
Stay low to the floor under the smoke. Stay on the same side of the hall and keep in contact with the wall as you make your way to the emergency staircase located in the opposite direction of the fire.

When You Leave Your Room in Case of Fire
Close your room door behind you to prevent or slow the spread of the fire and smoke.
Please notify the hotel staff immediately if there is any person(s) injured or trapped inside.

If You are Unable to Leave Your Room due to Fire and Smoke
Notify the front desk by phone.
If you cannot reach the front desk, signal to the people outside by hanging a bed sheet or blanket from your window or flashing the emergency light at night.
Place wet towels and sheets at the bottom of the door and around any other cracks around the doorway and wait for rescue.
If an Earthquake Occurs
Please remain calm and follow the instructions of the Voice Alarm System and the hotel staff.
Stay away from windows as they could shatter.
Take cover under a sturdy desk or table (one with no glass) to protect your head.
Do not use elevators.