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Rules & Regulations (as of June 1, 2024)

Terms & Conditions

To ensure your comfortable stay, we ask you to adhere to the following rules and regulations in accordance with Article 10 of the Hotel Terms & Conditions. If a guest is found to be in violation of these rules and regulations, the hotel may unilaterally terminate its accommodation agreement with that guest in accordance with Article 7 of the Hotel Terms & Conditions.

1. The use of guest rooms for purposes other than lodging and eating and drinking is strictly prohibited. 
2. No food or beverages may be brought into the hotel or ordered from outside.
3. The use of fire for heating or cooking is prohibited in the hotel, including corridors and guest rooms. 
4. Please make sure that all windows and doors are locked when you are in your room.
5. Smoking is not permitted in any areas other than the designated areas. If smoking (including residual odor) is found in a guest room (including balcony areas), an additional cleaning fee of 40,000 yen will be charged.
6. Please make sure that the door is locked when you leave the room.
7. Please confirm the location of emergency exits and evacuation routes when you arrive in your room.
8. When you receive a visitor, please check the door scope. If you suspect an uninvited person, please contact the front desk.
9. No persons other than registered guests are allowed to stay in the guest rooms.
10. Visitors are strictly prohibited from entering the guest rooms.
11. Do not move the fixtures and equipment in the building or guest rooms from their designated places without permission, and do not alter or modify them without permission.
12. Please do not bring the following items into the guest rooms:
(a) Pet animals and birds (except assistance dogs)   
(b) Items that emit a foul odor
(c) Items that exceed a reasonable amount
(d) Items or any kind that are illegal to possess such as guns, swords, etc.
(e) Combustible or flammable explosives or volatile oils, etc.
13. Do not disturb other guests by high-voiced singing, making loud noises, or engaging in any other behavior that causes offense or annoyance to other guests in the guest rooms or the hotel, or that goes against public order and morals. 
14. If it is deemed difficult to ensure the safety of a guest due to mental or physical weakness, loss of consciousness due to drugs, etc., or if it is deemed likely that the guest will cause significant inconvenience to other guests, the hotel will not allow the guest make use of the hotel.
15. Minors are not permitted to stay at the hotel without the permission of a parent or guardian.
16. It is prohibited to distribute advertising materials or to sell goods to other guests in the hotel without permission.
17. Please leave cash, valuables, etc. at the front desk or in the safe box provided in your room. The hotel is not liable for lost or stolen items in the guest rooms or anywhere in the hotel.
18. Unknown lost items will be kept at the hotel for a certain period of time, after which it will be handled in accordance with the Lost Property Act.
19. When signing for services at the hotel's restaurants, bars, etc., please be sure to present your room card key. 
20. Please note that fees will be charged when using the in-room telephone.
21. Charges will be assessed for any damage or loss caused to facilities and equipment inside and outside of the hotel.
22. Any photographs, videos, etc. taken in the hotel and made public for business purposes without prior permission will be subject to legal action.
23. Unauthorized drone flights and photography are not permitted on the premises or on the grounds. In the event of unauthorized flight or filming, the drone will be held at the front desk until the data is disposed of and the guest leaves the premises. 
24. Please refrain from leaving your room in your underwear.
25. Please do not place any items on the balcony that may detract from the appearance of the hotel.
26. Please do not throw any objects from the balcony.
27. Please pay any bills presented to you from the front desk without delay.
28. Postage stamps must be paid for in cash.
29. Personal checks are not accepted as payments in the hotel.
30. Credit cards and travel vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash.