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Take-Out Menu


We are offering a variety of menu items from Okinawan soul food to light snacks.
Enjoy it leisurely as a snack or as a meal in your room together with drinks.

Hours: 18:00~21:30
Pick-up location: Uchina Dining Jinanbou

※ Orders can be placed by phone (room phone #2) or at the restaurant.
※ Delivery will take about 30 minutes after ordering.
※ Please enjoy the food within 2 hours of delivery.
※ Discounts are not applicable.

※Images are for illustration purposes only.

● Original Stir-Fry  ¥1,600

● Pork Belly & Pork Ribs ¥1,800

● Deep Fried Local Chicken & Curly Fries  ¥1,500

● Taco Rice  ¥1,800

● Okinawa Yakisoba  ¥1,600

● Steak Obento  ¥2,500

● Assorted Appetizers  ¥1,700

● Okinawan Rice  ¥1,000

Serving plates, forks, spoons, and chopsticks are provided at the amenity base (near the front desk).

◆ Amenity Base ARIN KRIN

The on-site KBC Shop has a wide selection of drinks both soft drinks and alcoholic beverages, as well as plenty of snack items. We encourage you to purchase your choices here and enjoy them in your room along with your Take Out Menu order.

◆ KBC Shop