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Guidance for a Safe Stay

Hotel Information

The entire building including balconies are non-smoking.
A smoking area is located outside of the front entrance. If you smoke in the guest room (including the balcony), a 40,000 yen room cleaning and repair fee will be charged.

Please close the balcony door.
Please close the balcony door when you leave your room as there is a risk that crows and insects may enter the room. In order to avoid heavy condensation from forming on the windows, please keep the balcony door closed when the air conditioner is on.

Please do not put hangers out on the balcony as it is very dangerous.
Hangers and clothing can be easily blown away by the wind.
To dry your clothes, please use the laundry rope in the bathroom or request a drying rack from the front desk.
Do not hang items to dry on the lampshade as this is a fire hazard.
If the laundry rope or a drying rack are not used and guest room equipment is damaged or stained, a cleaning / repair fee will be charged.

■Please use the provided indoor clothes and slippers only in the room.